Kids Learning Watch

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Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co., Ltd is a children's toy manufacturer with many years of experience in R&D, production and trade. We not only strictly control the production of our products to ensure the highest quality, but also closely monitor factory equipment, have excellent management of our workers, and pride ourselves on our dedication to details and specifics. In addition, we always work at having a keen insight into the market and up-to-date understanding of market dynamics. This makes it so that we can develop products in line with market trends and better meet the needs of customers, providing the best customer service.

In order to keep up with the times and technology, more and more parents are paying close attention to the education of their children and how the toys they purchase for their kids help with that growth. Parents generally want to choose toys that are both interesting/fun and educational. The benefits of these toys include how they bring happiness to children while also helping them learn and fostering good habits without the children even perceiving they are learning! Through our extensive market research, we have found that children’s watches occupy the top position within the children’s wearable market. As a result product homogenization and competition has been very fierce, as the market trends toward a possible state of oversaturation. For that reason, our company decided to, “Break-out” of the red-ink market of general children watches and instead head toward the greener pastures of children educational watches.

Our children's watches are suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. There are two main reasons to focus on the production of this type of children's watches. First, according to market trends, customer want differentiated watches to help meet their needs of wanting variety and value. Second, the purpose of the children's learning watch we produce is to assist the child to grow-up carefree in an environment with a learning atmosphere so as to give the child a chance to both learn and be creative.

Our children's learning watch has the following six characteristics:

1. Time cognition and management. There are 20 cartoon clock face design and an alarm clock function, with the intention being that children can develop a concept of time and cultivate their time management skills. This allows them to develop good habits.

2. Shooting and recording function. With an HD photo function and video recording, children can shoot and record the World around them. This allows them to have fun with family, friends, and record the beauty of nature.

3. Games. Each watch has a number of puzzle games such as: Whack-a-mole, percussion instruments, mathematical logic games, and so on. These help to exercise children's thinking abilities when they play, assisting in the development of cognitive ability while providing entertainment with their learning.

4. Cartoon Hippo character. The watch comes with a built-in cartoon Hippo character. Children can have a conversation with it, click on different parts of its body, and the Hippo makes different fun movements as well. This features help children to learn language and communication skills.

5. Fantastic Memory. With an excellent memory capacity, our watches can take about 1000 photos and record about 10 minutes of video. Children don’t have to worry about running-out of space while enjoying taking pictures with friends or in nature.

6. Powerful Battery. Our battery is 400Mah, and only needs two hours of charging to be at full power. One it has been charged and turned-on it can be active for around 4 hours without any further charging needed. This gives children plenty of time to learn and play without needing to charge the learning watch.

Production Process of Children's Learning Watches.

First, our purchasing department screens all of our suppliers who provide raw materials for watches so as to ensure we only have the highest-quality suppliers utilized for our company. Once we are satisfied with the quality of our materials we purchase what is needed for the watchband, electronic components, screens, and then inspect all incoming materials. Any incoming material that does not meet our strict standards is left out of the production process. After we have confirmed there is no issue with our raw materials utilized in the watch, we proceed into the process of producing the shell of the watch.

When the customer request the cast of the ODM watch, we are able to support that. Our designers first draw-up a manuscript, then illustrate the watch design by hand, carefully checking every detail of the watch to then give to the customer to check-over before developing the mold. Because the watch’s appearance and the details are constantly being modified to line-up with customer’s requests during this process, it can take a long period of time. The watch case is relatively small, so smaller tools are used for the process of the injection molding machine when it produces the watch case. In regards to the production capacity of the small injection molding machine, it can produce approximately 3,000 cases a day, which is very efficient.  During the production process of the watch shell cases we always have quality control personnel checking an appropriate number of cases to look for any possible defects in need of reworking. This keeps the product failure rate control at 3%-5%. Correctly assembled watch cases meanwhile are sent to the assembly department for assembly production.

Once we have produced the watch case, we move on to the production of the internal structure of the watch. First, all of the electronic components are attached to the PCB board through a chip mounter, and then the chip is implanted on the PCB board. After a series of process operations (such as binding), these electronic components are affixed onto the PCB board. The watch's software and touch panel (TP: Touch Panel) program are burned onto the PCB after this. At this time, the watch's motherboard will already be able to function. Should it be desired for the watch to have an intercom function, multiple antennas will need to be added for the signal connection. In addition, during the production of PCBA boards, spot checks are also necessary. If a crash or a splash screen is found during these checks, a secondary rework repair is required. After the PCBA board is produced, it is then shipped to the assembly department for further assembly.

Due to the fact that the electronic components inside the watch are very small, assembly production workers need to wear anti-static bracelets while assembling the watches to avoid any damage or inaccurate watches. Also, the position of setting camera is polished to ensure it is smooth and will not scratch any children. Throughout the assembly process of the watch, we strictly monitor and control the quality of the product, engaging in multiple random sampling inspections. Also, at the same time, the quality department selects a certain quantity according to international standards so as to check the overall quality of our products. Any products that fail to meet our standards are removed from production so that they can be reworked and repaired. The products that do meet our standards are then sent to the packaging department.

The last step is to package the watches that have been produced. During this process, we first check if there are any defects with the packaging boxes. If there is any sharp point in the hook of the packaging box, it is dealt with immediately to ensure it is safe. After the watch is packaged into a carton it is sent to the warehouse. The following is a look at some of the material requirements of the children's learning watch which we would have purchased or produced:

1. The USB Cable

The USB cable configured by our children's watch is made of environmentally safe materials, and features the use of a four-core USB data cable, which has the function of charging and transmitting data. This allows the transfer if pictures taken by the children to another device so their beautiful images can be saved. There are some watches on the market that are equipped with a USB cable which is a two-core charging cable--this can not transmit any data out of the watch and compared to the price of the four-core USB cable is cheaper;

2. Touch Screen Panel

Our TP touch screen is capacitive. The advantages of the acrylic touch screen are how it has a crystal-like transparency, light transmittance of more than 92%, soft light, a clear picture, and the light emitted by the screen will not hurt or strain a child’s eyes. Also, it has excellent processing performance. Should the customer wants to the watch screen to be printed with their brand or logo, that too can be produced. It should also be noted it has a higher surface hardness and luster. It is not as fragile as glass, and even if you were to forcefully break the screen it will not shatter. This reduces the risk of sharp pieces that could harm children. We aim to be reliable and responsible for all our customers. We do not believe in selling inferior products or using inferior materials. We believe in using the best materials we can as we want to produce high-quality products with a great service life.

Our children's learning watches are also quite popular with many consumers in foreign markets. Because it is not like a smart-phone watch that prevents it from being vulnerable to the impact of communication signals, assorted frequencies or other disruptive aspects. These learning watches not only satisfy parents by helping children grow and learn, but bring kids joy and happiness as well.