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The Core of Electronic Toy Products -PCBA Board

When purchasing electronic toys for children, we usually consider whether the functions of the electronic toys are stable, how long the battery life is, how long the service life is, etc., which will affect our reputation and customers’ trust in our products. In fact, the core of our consideration of these issues is the quality of PCBA board, the core of electronic toy products. PCBA board is ubiquitous in our life, and almost all electronic products will be used. Whether it is aircraft or electrical appliances and electronic toys used in daily life, PCBA board plays an important role. Next, we will detail the importance of PCBA for electronic toy products, the relationship between PCBA and PCB, and the department through which PCBA is produced, etc. We hope to provide you with some valuable references when you choose game consoles, children’s smart watches and other electronic toy products, so as to make the best choice.

i. What is PCB

PCB (Printed circuit board), also known as printed circuit board, is an important electronic component. It is the support body of the electronic unit and the carrier for the electrical connection of the electronic unit. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a “printed” circuit board, but it is an empty board.

ii. What is PCBA

PCBA (the assembly of PCB). All kinds of electronic devices are assembled on the circuit board through the surface packaging process, followed by box assembly. The empty PCB board that is assembled goes through the SMT loading process, and then goes through the whole manufacturing process of the DIP plug-in, referred to as PCBA, that is the printed PCB.

iii. Relationship between PCB and PCBA
PCB is a kind of bare board, on which there are no electronic components, only printed components and printed circuit, it has no function. PCBA is a kind of finished board, which is the function of empty PCB board through SMT patch or DIP plug-in in SMT department.

iv. What is SMT

SMT is Surface Mounted Technology, which is the most popular Technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. SMT patch refers to a series of processes processed on the basis of PCB.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the terms related to electronic toy circuit boards, let’s go into the SMT department to see the production environment and the PCBA production process.

Firstly, because the electronic components used in electronic toy products are relatively small, SMT department has relatively strict environmental requirements. The workshop environment of SMT department needs to be kept clean, free from dust and corrosive gas. The temperature inside is generally controlled at 23℃ to 27℃, while the humidity is controlled at 40℃ to 70℃. In addition, on entering the workshop, all persons must wear anti-static clothing and shoes, wear anti-static caps, and use air showers to remove static and dust from their bodies to ensure the accuracy of electronic components. PCBA has a high assembly density, and electronic products are small in size and light in weight. The volume and weight of the patch element are only about 1/10 of that of the conventional cartridge element. Generally, after SMT patch is adopted, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40%~60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%~80%. All circuit boards are stored in RoHS standard packaging to prevent dampness. General PCBA will go through the following SMT manufacturing process:
v. SMT process of children’s game

Like this children’s video game console, its electronic parts are so small that they need to be attached by SMT. Its PCBA has 2 panels and is produced by fully automatic machines. The following is the production process of PCBA for children’s smart watches:
1.Bake PCB and other electronic components on the substrate

2.Pour the red paint/paste into a blender and blend

3.Put the console PCB on the trigger

4.Use automatic solder paste machine to print red paint/red paste on PCB

5.Attach electronic parts (three-stage tubes, resistors, capacitors, etc.) to the high speed mounter.

6.LQC checks the electronic components on the PCB

7.High temperature fixed electronic components are welded by reflow furnace

8.AOI detection area is used to detect the patch

9.Unqualified products are detected and repaired in the maintenance area

10.Repair CPU crystals on solid crystal machine

11.Next, put in the binding function of binding machine (from PCB to PCBA).

12.Seal the CPU crystal with black colloidto prevent CPU damage

13.Bake PCBA dry in oven

14.QC testing

15.Packing qualified finished products

When the PCB is finished, we need to wrap the PCBA with foam film and put it in the carton according to the requirements of the customer. If you are lucky enough to participate in the whole process, you will realize the importance of SMT technology to electronic products, the role of PCBA in electronic toy products, and also know which part dominates each function of most electronic toy products.

vi. Importance of PCBA

So what is the significance of PCBA? Now we can analyze this. First of all, some unqualified PCBA boards will not only shorten the service life of products, but also affect consumers’ experience of products. During SMT process, problems such as missed welding, wrong welding, virtual welding and shift will cause PCBA to become a unqualified finished plate. For example, a poor quality PCBA can be very loud and the sound quality can be hoarse and noisy, while a good quality PCBA can be very soft and sound comfortable. In addition, the inferior PCBA console has a poor picture sense and is prone to the phenomenon of flash screen. The worst part was when we were having a good time, the console suddenly crashed, which could have been a short circuit on the main board of the console. These problems do not allow us to enjoy the pleasure and joy of playing the game, can not feel the charm of the game; Like children’s smartwatches, a poor quality PCBA can also affect the watch’s battery life and touch ability, making it easy to stop working. Therefore, high-quality PCBA electronic toy products not only have stable sound quality, clear and soft picture, games and other functions, giving consumers a good sense of experience.

When we purchase electronic toy products, in addition to judging the durability and wear resistance of products from the appearance, we can also judge the quality of PCBA from these aspects, so as to judge that this is a high-quality product. First of all, we can listen to the sound of it, if the sound is very soft, clear, the quality is not very bad; Second, we can look at its screen and try to play, if the operation is easy to appear in the process of operation jam, not smooth or screen flashing, it means that the quality of the PCBA is not good, the product will not have a long service life, it will be easy to break. So, we take special notice when purchasing electronic toy product that some points, and to see that a manufacturer’s scale and production capacity, because the manufacturer of high quality for the product of the accused has a strict standard, also have a set of standardized production processes, and it can guarantee the quality of our products and establish a good reputation in clients.

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